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Tomorrow World 2014 Playlist

Dusting off my old laptop speakers to bring you a very selectively curated playlist for Tomorrow World 2014. It is some of my favorite artists, some headliners, too, which aren’t my faves, but should be added (I guess), and some new stuff I discovered when I went through the line-up.

Link to the playlist can be found here.

I am not attending this year, but the best part of festivals for me is to discover new artists. I went through some unfamiliar names and checked them out - the best ones (IMO) made it to the playlist. There’s a little something for everyone, except big-sound trap and dub step (sorry, I just can’t get into it).

If you’re going to Tomorrow World - you’ll notice that I added the DJ’s by their set dates / times. I know, I am a freak. Sort it by date added, take a look at the line-up / schedule, and maybe you’ll go see a show that isn’t on the main stage. :) They are usually better, anyway. If you decide to stay at the main stage all weekend, I hope you quickly acquaint yourself with the same 6 songs that every single DJ plays in their sets. Walk away from the radio - go into the wild realm of the undiscovered DJ!!
Lots of love,

You change all the time. Everything changes you. But things that are shit don’t actually change you that much, apart from just getting on your nerves, because you’ve heard it all before. But when it’s something different, it actually will change you. That’s what I’m interested in. That’s the whole point.